Rich Content Made Easy

Blocks for ExpressionEngine makes creating rich content easy.

What does that mean? Two things.

First, it means that content editors – that's what I call the people who enter content into the site – can create complex, structured content without knowing HTML or using hacks and workarounds. It means they can use the WYSIWYG when they want simple content, and add from a predefined list of blocks when they need something richer.

Second, it means that developers – that's probably you – get to define these rich content types up front. It means you get to mark them up and style them the way you want. It means you never have to worry whether the content editors used the right markup.

So if you need to enable your content editors with the freedom and ability to create rich content, then Blocks is for you.

Want to see it in action? Watch Empower your Site Editors! Blocks + Content Elements to the rescue for an in-depth look.