Collapsible Blocks

Building up rich content with blocks can empower your users and give them lots of flexibility. But creating too many blocks can make for some long editor screens.

That's why Blocks is introducing a new feature to make the editing process better: collapsible blocks.

Collapsible Blocks

Starting with version 1.3.0, blocks can be either collapsed or expanded in the editor view.

List of collapsed blocks
All of those powerful blocks in nice tidy packages

Double-clicking on the header of a block will toggle whether the block is expanded or collapsed.

By default, all existing blocks start out collapsed. This makes the length of the editor much less unwieldy, and makes it much easier to reorder blocks.


While collapsed blocks are easy to scan and reorder, having all the blocks collapsed may make it harder to find that one block that needs to be edited.

That's why all collapsed blocks also have a preview of their content right in the header bar.

An expanded block and a collapsed block side-by-side
An expanded block, and its corresponding collapsed block with previews

The preview makes it easy to quickly identify what is in a block while scanning a list of blocks.

Previews are built by taking important content from the first couple of fields in a block. And of course, if it isn't enough information, just double-click on the header to view or edit the entire block.

Add a Block Anywhere

The other problem editors have had when there were lots of blocks was when they created new blocks. Before 1.3.0, a block was always created at the bottom, which meant editors had to remember where they wanted the block, create it at the bottom, then drag the new block to its intended location.

Well, that's a pain. Not anymore.

The block context menu
The block context menu

Now, if an editor wants to create a block below the block they're looking at, they can just click the menu button and select the block. That helps stay in the flow.


Instead of adding developer-focused features, Blocks 1.3.0 focuses on making life easier on the editor. And that's great, because the content is the reason many users come to your site in the first place.